Are you one of those people who doesn’t like working out? Well, Serena Williams, yes the worldwide tennis superstar, has actually admitted that she doesn’t like working out either. Crazy right? But of course, she works out regularly to keep her body in shape and her energy up. Here’s how she does it.

It’s no secret that behind every athletic star is a solid workout routine. For Serena Williams, its no different. The tennis star’s legendary career is built on the foundation of a high performance diet and fitness routine that any athlete can benefit from.

Williams usually does a couple hours of tennis practice, which is then followed by an hour or two of cardio and strengthening in the gym. She also runs the half-mile up a hill in Los Angeles to her sister’s house. Strength training is definitely a key aspect of Williams’ workout routine but there’s more to it than that. There’s a healthy dose of Bikram yoga and pilates in the mix as well.

That’s enough to make us regular folk tired just reading and for Willams, working out isn’t exactly something she’s excited about doing. According to, Serena told Star Magazine, “I hate working out more than anything, but I have to; when I’m running, I think about how much I want to win. That’s the only thing that keeps me going,” Serena also says “I guess everyone has to find that one thing that encourages them and just think about it the entire time you’re working out.”

What’s your one thing that you can focus on when you’re working out to push you to keep going? Focus on that and you’ll be achieve to achieve your workout goals. It’s my belief little things create big things, and big things create CHAMPIONS!! Determination is all that’s needed in your daily fitness life. So are you determined to become a CHAMPION?


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Emoni Eden

Emoni Eden is a sophomore student at Bishop McDevitt High School. She is an athlete by nature, and it shows on the Basketball Court and in Track and Field. But beyond competing in high school sports, she uses that same energy in her daily life. Her workout regime consist of daily runs with a combination of sit ups and push ups. It’s not difficult to get this teen to eat right, because fruits and vegetables are a part of her regular meals. Her passion to maintain her health at a young age has motivated her to help others to do the same. Emoni spends her spare time participating in heart walks and walks for cancer patients. She enjoys caring for people, and plans to pursue a doctorate degree from John Hopkins University, that supports her passion. Right now, she wants to share her love for helping her peers by highlighting popular women on who are living healthy lifestyles. As a writer for #womancrushwednesdays, Emoni will share their beauty and health tips that are trending on online.

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