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Here’s What Teyana Taylor Does To Stay Toned

Women would kill to have a stomach like this after having a baby, heck even before children. So, today’s #WCW goes to none other than the snap back queen herself Teyana Taylor. The star of Kanye West's "FADE" video and mother of baby girl “Iman” has posted photos that went viral of her flat stomach only 6 days after giving birth. Who says miracles don’t happen. Known for her outrageous style and killer abs this beauty knows how to command the room. Her talents include singing, acting, and dancing just to name a few and there's no telling what other talents this 25 year old has up her sleeves. She admits to not having a strict workout plan, but she does love the elliptical and doing a...


A Sexy Way To Get Fit That Worked For Ariana Grande

While CrossFit, HIIT and Zumba may have been the biggest fitness trends in recent years, Ariana Grande has made Spinning cool again. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the chart topping song “Side to Side” performed by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Well honey if the songs beat and risqué lyrics didn’t already have you add it to your workout playlist the video surely will. Ms. Grande is serving icon realness as a spin instructor! Have you ever been in a spinning class and the tunes make you want to turn up? Ariana takes you there in this music video.  If that isn’t enough, Ariana and Nicki took to the stage with the same “Work Out” message at the MTV Music Video Awards....